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Mind in Control

Mind in Control


Gill Heart served over six years in an elite special forces unit in the IDF. He received his PHD in bio-medical engineering from London University. He has combined Kabbalistic teachings on how to control emotional responses to stress with special forces techniques he practiced during his service.

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Secrets to Stress Management

Learn how to manage your emotions and maintain control, even in the most stressful situations, with training techniques used by Special Ops of the Israeli Defense Force

An evening with Dr. Gill Heart, PhD

Monday December 5, 7:00pm
at the Chabad Jewish Center
2809 SW Sunset Trail in Palm City

Imagine this - You are on a special mission behind enemy lines. The enemy is chasing you. Your heart is pounding. Exhausted, famished and dehydrated, you know that one false move could be your last. Fortunately we don't have to face such pressure in our daily lives, however our lives consist of a continuum of lower-level stressful events.