"Loaves of Love"  is a kindness project where we gather and braid and bake challah and then distribute to all seniors cheering them up and bringing some love to their lives. these are also given to new neighbors, new moms, sick friends and anyone who could use a little extra love.

Join us for our loaves of love and Chabad Woman’s circle event

Learn how to bake Challah the healthy way..Spelt Challah whole wheat and more

Plus hear how you can help abused woman in need.

Fee: $5 | $8 if you want to take home a Challah

Looking forward to making a difference together in our community.

I would like to sign up to participate in LOAVES OF LOVE project.

I would like to participate in the bake off at Chabad Jewish Center 
(this will include braiding Challah and preparing chicken soup)
I would like to participate in packaging the Loaves of Love package 

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I would like to drop off a loaves of love package
I would like to drop off package as well as go inside to visit and bring a smile to the persons face.

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I can distribute Loaves of Love
I would like to volunteer to help buy ingredients and supplies for bake off once a month..
I would like to help set up for the bake off.
I would like to volunteer for other Chabad events and projects.

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We thank you for helping us make this possible…