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Wrestling with Faith

Where is the evidence for G‑d? Is Jewish practice primitive? Are science and religion in conflict? Wrestling with Faith tackle the “big issues” – questions we all share that secretly keep us from experiencing intimate faith with G‑d.

Six Wednesdays Starting October 24th at 10:15am & 6:30pm


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Crime & Consequence

A father is wrongfully accused and sentenced to death for the murder of his wife and children. A reformed convict is condemned to life in prison for a crime committed in her youth. Miscarriages of justice can be infuriating, but also beg the question: What is a fair and effective approach?

Six Wednesdays Starting February 6th at 10:15am & 6:30pm


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With All My Heart

Lose yourself and find true self in a spiritual experience that is both authentic and Jewish. Explore how to make the practice of prayer more personally meaningful. Learn why we pray, how prayer works, and discover the meaning and history behind Judaism’s most important prayers.

Six Wednesdays Starting May 8th at 10:15am & 6:30pm


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