About Our Services

Stay connected spiritually and safely.

Rabbi Shlomo and Daniella invite you to join us for an Safe and Inspirational High Holiday Service. We take the health and safety of each one of you very seriously. The first principle we have as we undertake this service is can we do it safely? What do we need to do to make that happen? The plan we came up with was to do the High Holiday service at the Chabad Jewish Center and that everyone entering the adult main service will have to be vaccinated or had prior confirmed Covid. In addition everyone entering without exception will have to be Covid tested at Chabad right before entering and have a negative Covid result. We think that in these times Covid testing everyone gives us the highest degree of safety. We will also be confirming that people have no sick symptoms or been exposed recently. Since everyone will be Covid tested, we will not have social distancing but will have mask wearing.

We invite you to join us for the High Holiday services at the Chabad Jewish Center, a time when we renew our relationship and our connection to G‑d, in a friendly and inspirational environment where everyone feels at home in a place which is “A Home for Every Jew” regardless of level of observance, knowledge, or affiliation. No Membership is required. Hebrew/English prayers and books.

We offer a welcoming service to all, Our style is friendly and welcoming. The services are conducted with the beginner in mind. Many of the prayers are read in English in addition to the Hebrew  and a running commentary by the Rabbi accompanies the service, including stories, inspirational thoughts about the prayers.

Reservations are made a seat assigned seat with a donation for the High Holidays of $125 per person; this of course, goes towards our High Holiday costs but does not cover at all, our overall operating budget. Please consider becoming a partner in lieu of a membership in the Chabad Jewish Center. This is not mandatory, so nobody feels unwelcome and there are no preconditions to attend but we do need partners/members to enable for the Chabad Jewish Center to continue to be here serving you and the community. If you are in a position, please become a partner and make a donation according to your ability. Click here to join our partnership program

Reservations are being taken online. Please take the time at your earliest opportunity to reserve your seat by clicking here. Seats may be limited so reserve early.

If you are having trouble reserving online email [email protected] or you can call our office at 772-288-0606. Our doors are open to all. No one will be turned away due to lack of financial resources. You can sign up for sponsored subsidized seating. There will be no walk ups allowed.

Information on Children services will follow. Please feel free to share your thoughts and input I welcome your feed back.

Disclaimer: For those looking for 100% nothing will ever be as safe as not leaving your home. This is an option for those who want to celebrate the Holidays with a number of strong safety measures.