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Your child's first experience can set the tone for life!
At Torah Tots Early childhood center we welcome every child regardless of background or affiliation; it’s a place where young children receive an exciting, creative and nurturing experience, that will provide them with the foundation to grow educationally, socially and spiritually. We offer small classes with excellent student teacher ratios, with fully licensed staff and professional staff.

A facility with educationally sound early childhood equipment and manipulatives. Most important your child will receive a well rounded enriching education filled with an array of academic and learning skills, if you are looking for a remarkable  early childhood experience we invite you to enroll in the Torah tots early childhood center.

» Our Philosophy
Our classes are conducted in a warm, friendly and nurturing environment that fosters learning and creative expression. What makes Torah Tots so special is our belief that each child is a gift. We believe in child directed teacher guided curriculum. Learning styles and individual interest are respected and addressed as teachers plan for the educational experience that will take place. Since this magical time of early childhood is honored and respected, the children feel safe to express themselves, knowing their voices will be heard. This acceptance of each child builds a strong sense of self that the children take with them in life beyond Torah Tots. The goals of Torah Tots are to preserve and nurture the innate love of learning in each child, to provide each child with a foundation for future learning and to honor the uniqueness of each child.

Part time and full time available ages 18 month -4 years.

V.P. K class for 2012

Our Preschool is Newly Licensed

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First Day of Camp
We look forward to a year of learning and growth.