Chabad Jewish Center of Martin S. Lucie County is a not for profit corporation organized to provide educational , Spiritual, social and welfare services. Operating through varied programs, Chabad Center provides its services irrespective of race, beliefs, national origin or financial ability. The Chabad Jewish Center is an IRS recognized 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization EIN: 65-0896121. 


Chabad Jewish Center of Martin / S. Lucie County was founded in 1998 and part of three thousand Chabad centers worldwide under the guidance, blessing and inspiration of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M Schneerson.


Chabad Jewish Center is a home where all are welcome


Acceptance of every Jew on his/her own level regardless of beliefs, spiritual inclination, knowledge, observance or affiliation has become the hallmark of Chabad. We believe that “A Jew is a Jew is A Jew- no if ands or buts.”


Chabad is dedicated to strengthen Jewish identity and continuity by sharing the beauty and richness of the timeless Jewish values, in a warm, genuinely loving and non judgmental environment.  It provides meaningful Jewish experiences, education opportunities in modern, innovative and exciting programs. From individual to communal, schools to shuls, adult education to family holiday programs and Shabbat dinners, hospital and senior visitation to educational programs for children and summer camp. Chabad extends a welcoming hand to anyone seeking physical support or spiritual connection.


Chabad believes we are all children of one G‑d and also sees within its mission to promote G‑d consciousness and morality for all humankind, all within a framework of tolerance and respect for others. Chabad is lively and dynamic. Chabad is a place that young and old are proud to call home.


Chabad is non membership based and supported by the generous support of concerned individuals of the community who donate and become partners with Chabad. Chabad programs are opened to all including those in financial need. No one is ever turned away.